Meta is offering a free course about the Metaverse on Coursera

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Meta is offering free course about the Metaverse on Coursera

Coursera is a leading provider of world-class online courses. Millions of people have enrolled in its classes, which are taught by professors from the world’s best universities and institutions.

The Metaverse is arguably one of the most exciting technologies to emerge since the Internet. And now, you can learn all about it for free. On Coursera’s platform, you can take the “What is the Metaverse?” course by Meta. A certificate demonstrating your mastery of the subject will be given to you once you have finished the course. This course will introduce you to the Metaverse, what they are made of, how they work, and how to create them yourself.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a decentralized platform that provides users with tools to create, publish and monetize their augmented reality (AR) content. What makes the Metaverse unique is its openness to everyone: anyone can create anything they want without having to ask for permission or pay a fee.

The Metaverse is the future of the Internet because it is an interconnected series of spaces where people can connect and explore their surroundings. However, unlike the Internet, which consists of websites that are accessed through computers and mobile devices, the Metaverse will be made up of virtual worlds that are accessed via VR headsets and other devices that allow us to experience virtual reality.

About this course

In this free course from Meta specialists, you will discover the meaning of the Metaverse for our world today and in the future, as well as the potential it offers for both professionals and businesses. You will be guided by experts through a wide range of topics covering the Metaverse ecosystem, from NFTs and money to NFTs and collaboration, from avatars and devices to platforms and gaming engines. NFTs, blockchain, web3, cryptocurrency, extended reality, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (VR), and more will be covered.

This course will also look at how the Metaverse will improve learning, the future of work, and online social interactions. You’ll discover how the Metaverse will be utilized in a variety of fields, including healthcare, education, urban planning, the arts, and more—as well as how you may start developing these experiences right away. Additionally, you’ll discover how the Metaverse can contribute to a more inclusive, equitable, and diverse world.

You’ll have the foundational knowledge of the Metaverse by the end of the course, enabling you to choose your future fields of study, learning, or career development.

The 10-hour course has English subtitles and is taught entirely online. You can adjust deadlines for the course following your schedule. You can enroll in this course without having any prior understanding of the Metaverse. Your course certificates can be shared on printed resumes, CVs, and other papers as well as on LinkedIn.

The course opened for enrollment on November 7, 2022.

Does completing the course require a virtual reality headset?

No, wearing a VR headset is not necessary. Although headsets may be mentioned in some exercises, you are not required to have one to finish the course or understand the activity.

What will you be able to accomplish once this course is over?

You will be able to explain the Metaverse, how it might alter how individuals and organizations produce online material, and how it might alter how you engage with that content.


The Metaverse is going to change the way we live our lives for good.

The greatest moment to learn more about it is right now, thanks to this course. The fact that there are no fees at all for this training is its best feature. Since this course offers everything for free, you don’t need to purchase a costly computer or any software. An Internet connection and some created time are all you require.

To get started, click here.

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