The Nexus between Light and Security

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The importance of light cannot be overemphasized to humans and their well-being. Speaking of well-being, I mean human comfort and security. It is said that safety abounds where there is light. This means that the presence of light cannot be underestimated as its absence breeds insecurity. This, therefore, highlights the fact that the prevention of crime starts with the availability of light. As the light makes it difficult for criminals to conceal their Identity, keeps CCTV running and of course limits their activities.

It is however important to mention the new energy source which is fast gaining prominence due to its safety to our environment as it is a better alternative to green energy sources which in reality haven’t had many breakthroughs in our part of the world. Secondly, its economic importance cannot be underestimated. It is assessable to everyone. Energy sources can come from the sun, wind, and other renewable sources.

It is conversely important to note that, this energy is not only useful for lightning alone. It powers security devices and home/office utilities for production. Its importance is fast gaining recognition by developed and developing countries of the world. This is evidenced in the creation of electric cars and solar-powered machines. It will be worthy to emphasize that in securing a home/office, you need a constant power supply which is an impossible feat to achieve in most developing countries including Nigeria. It won’t be out of place to say that the situation of power supply in Nigeria contributes largely to the security problem in the country.

How is this relevant to us in Nigeria? We have seen various administrations come up with promises on the improvement of the electricity sector, their tenure elapse without being able to fulfill their promises. In fact, the private sector cannot thrive well without electricity. We have also seen over the years how businesses move to neighboring countries in other to survive and be able to compete favorably in the market. The focus of this subject is not on government failures in the power sector but rather on highlighting the infiniteness of solar energy for your personal security and comfort.

According to World Economic Forum, Stanford scientists have developed a solar panel that works at night, which could eliminate the need for battery storage in the near future. Clean energy is not a luxury, it is a necessity for all. Individuals can however access cheap renewable energy supply, the opportunities are limitless.

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