Ways to protect your social media accounts

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social media protection
Avoid the temptation of thinking that “I am insignificant to hackers”. Everyone has something that someone else may need. You may not be the target but a channel to attack your organization or business. Any successful hack may lead to huge loss of revenue, trust and reputation to you or your organization. Here are some of the things to have in mind:
1. Practice good password physical distancing for your accounts. Use different passwords for your social media accounts.
2. Strong passwords may not be enough to protect your social media accounts, switch on Multi-Factor authentication for your accounts.
3. Avoid posting sensitive information about you online. Phishing, a common social engineering attack may be exploited against you.
4. Think twice before clicking shortened links.
5. Always check your security and login settings of your social media accounts to monitor all the various devices you are logged in, log out all unnecessary sessions.
6. Occasionally check what Apps are connected to your account and examine if they are needed.
7. Avoid signing up on websites using your social media account. Thou not always convenient, It is good practice to sign up using a website sign up form with a password different from that of your social media accounts.
8. Create a unique email, different from your heavy duty email for social media activities.
9. The weakest link to information security is people, be aware of the latest security solutions.
Information security is a holistic approach, which goes beyond addressing a single window. Security is your personal business.
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