Students Invent Coat that Invades AI Security Cameras

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Students invent coats that Invade AI security cameras

In the future, AI-powered cameras will be everywhere, controlling your home and even your car. But what if you could use that very same artificial intelligence against itself?

A group of four students from China’s Wuhan University has found a way to do just that. The team created an InvisDefense coat that makes you invisible to AI security cameras—one of the projects that won first place in the “Huawei Cup,” a first-ever cybersecurity innovation competition sponsored by Chinese tech giant Huawei.

To the human eyes, it appears to be any other camouflage pattern coat. However, it is an invisibility cloak that effectively covers up the person wearing it to artificial intelligence security cameras.

During the day, the coat’s customized camouflage prints, which were created using an algorithm, are undetected by visible light cameras. At night, when security cameras use infrared thermal imaging to identify humans, the coat’s installed thermal devices generate various temperatures, creating a unique heat pattern that makes the coat slide beneath the radar.

The students who created the InvisDefense coat said they spent a lot of time and effort planning for it, including product design and development. They also claimed that the InvisDefense coat is an excellent way to avoid AI human detection technology used by current security cameras.

The Wuhan University team had similar privacy concerns in mind when designing the InvisDefense coat, which will retail for around 500 yuan ($71). They claimed that they created this product to combat malicious detection and to protect people’s privacy and security in some situations. According to Wei (one of the students who developed the InvisDefense coat), the group’s subsequent research plans include making inanimate objects and moving cars “invisible” to AI cameras. They are also investigating ways to get around other kinds of cameras, like those that have been using remote sensing, satellites, or aircraft.

What are the pros and cons of this new technology? Keep reading to find out.

Pros and Cons of the InvisDefense coat


  1. It can help protect us from being watched by others while we are performing our daily routine. It will prevent us from worrying about being recorded on video by security cameras or other recording devices installed in public places such as malls, restaurants, theaters, etc.
  2. This invention may also aid in the prevention of identity theft. If someone gains access to your personal information via these recordings, they can use it for malicious purposes such as blackmailing you into paying them money. If you do not comply with their demands, they may threaten to publicly post those videos online.
  3. A security camera with this technology could read the clothing of a person and know whether or not there is a weapon on them. This could stop mass shootings by identifying suspicious people and alerting police officers.
  4. It is a cost-effective solution to the problem of security cameras.
  5. It is non-invasive and does not require any modifications to the cameras.
  6. The coat can be used by anyone who wants to evade AI security systems.
  7. You can easily escape from any kind of. CCTV surveillance system by wearing this coat.


  1. This invention can potentially be used as a weapon against law enforcement agencies that use AI security cameras in their operations (criminals could potentially disguise themselves while committing crimes).
  2. If criminals are ever caught by police officers while wearing these coats, they could try blaming their crimes on someone else (since they would have no evidence proving that they had committed any wrongdoing).
  3. It can only be used for a short period because it will cause stress on the human body when it is worn for a long time.
  4. Another disadvantage of this coat is that it is not available in the market yet and you have to wait until they start manufacturing this product before you can buy it.
  5. The coat only protects the wearer from AI cameras, not humans or animals.


Some think this invention is a great idea because it allows people to feel more secure in public places with lots of cameras. However, it is not safe for people to be walking around wearing these coats all the time, because then the camera won’t be able to capture any evidence if something happens in that area.

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